Conversations are the Compass

...I also joined a mommy/baby group at my church which was a great way to socialize with other moms and make new friends....

E-Interview Participant

Conversations are the Compass

When we started our research journey to ‘map’ and understand postpartum experiences of mothers and how they navigated new parenthood, we initially thought we would depict our findings using social network mapping. We had envisioned that our end-product would be a ‘map’ to help new mothers and parents navigate the postpartum experiences. However, what we found was that conversations were central to our participants’ experiences. Conversations with family, friends, other parents, health professionals and themselves were both powerful and empowering in helping new parents ‘find their way’, and in that way, we realized that conversations were the ‘map’. Conversations were in essence a compass.

In recognizing that we want our research to make a difference, we have created several resources to support those critical conversations for new parents as they navigate parenthood. Our videos, podcasts and ‘café conversation’ starters are designed to keep the conversations going in a way that builds supportive relationships and confidence for new parents to care for their babies and themselves.

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